From food confusion and chaos to calm and clarity. Get everything you need to make the healthy choice the easy choice, consistently and automatically. Without ever going hungry or relying on willpower.

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Which membership is right for you?

We have two levels of membership carefully designed to walk you step-by-step from confused and frustrated about health and weight loss, to understanding exactly WHY you haven’t been able to stick to a plan before and knowing exactly HOW to do that from now on

$7 (USD) /Month

Spud Fit Mini Membership (Always Open)

Your transformation starts here. Join people just like you who are dismantling their limiting beliefs and habits around food and building new ones. Everything you need to reset your body and your mind and get ready for a healthier, happier future

$27 (USD) /Month

Skillpower Program Accelerator (Closed)

The Skillpower Program Accelerator is where we make healthy living a core part of who you ARE, rather than just a thing you’re trying to DO. You get all all the tools, skills, strategies you need, plus LOADS of VIP support to get you there faster.